Cake Balls

Cake Balls
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Amazingly Delicious Bite-Size Treats

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Mary Anne Evans


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Library Journal

November 15, 2012

Cake balls consist of cake crumbs and icing mixed together, rolled into balls, and dipped in chocolate coating. Ankeny & Lyon (founders, The Cake Ball Company) present these truffle-like confections as elegant and tastefully decorated favors, not cutesy novelties. Readers can make these treats with store-bought cake mix and frosting, but the authors suggest using their basic recipes. Intriguing flavors include Chocolate Salty Pretzel, Pumpkin Spice, Chai Latte, and Blackberry Cobbler. These could easily be made into "cake pops," the subject of increasingly popular titles like Angie Dudley's Cake Pops Holidays, and Molly Bakes's Crazy for Cake Pops. VERDICT A delight for cake-ball connoisseurs.

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