The Buena Salud Guide for a Heathy Heart

The Buena Salud Guide for a Heathy Heart
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Lauryn Chun


Lauryn Chun


Jane L. Delgado, PhD


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Library Journal

Starred review from March 1, 2011

Clinical psychologist Delgado, head of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health and the National Hispanic Women's Health Initiative, delivers another title in the "Buena Salud" series (see The Buena Salud Guide to Diabetes and Your Life, reviewed below). She keeps the individual within a specific community front and center and respects ethics and cultural and religious aspects. Her awareness that Hispanics have specific predispositions and risk factors concerning heart disease helps keep the book relevant. Delgado offers a "Ten-Point Program for Health," which briefly explains key areas concerning general well-being, then breaks down facts concerning heart health, including brief descriptions of aneurysm, heart murmur, stroke, and specific diagnostic tests and procedures, including cardiac MRI, heart surgery, and stress testing. VERDICT The well-organized text does not overwhelm while delivering information. Delgado writes, "The challenge is to take as many positive actions for you and your family without creating more stress in your life," and this book is an effective tool to help individuals take on this challenge. Essential reading for Hispanics and a crucial addition to any consumer health collection.--Elizabeth J. Eastwood, Los Alamos Cty. Lib. Syst., NM

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