Our Stories Remember

Our Stories Remember
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American Indian History, Culture, and Values through Storytelling

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Joseph Bruchac


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Publisher's Weekly

April 1, 2003
Our Stories Remember: American Indian History, Culture and Values Through Storytelling by Joseph Bruchac is a wide-ranging exploration of many aspects of Native American experience, lifestyle and belief. Bruchac uses traditional stories to illuminate subjects as diverse as the impact of boarding schools, the role of sacred traditions and attitudes toward life and death. Annotated lists for further reading conclude each chapter.

School Library Journal

July 1, 2003
In this fascinating book, Bruchac relays the importance of story within Native societies to entertain, teach lessons, and maintain the history of individual nations. Part cultural lesson, part history, and part autobiography, the book contains a wealth of information. Each chapter begins with an epigraph from a Native source; some chapters end with an annotated list of recommended reading. Each chapter also contains stories. Some of the tales are set off from the main text, but many more are woven into it-stories within stories within stories. Bruchac has included source notes for each selection as well as the epigraphs. This important volume includes a wealth of traditional stories and solid information.-S K Joiner, Brazoria County Library System, Angleton, TX

Copyright 2003 School Library Journal, LLC Used with permission.


April 15, 2003
Bruchac, prolific Native American author and children's storyteller, synthesizes the stories of many different Indian nations, including Navajo, Abenaki, Cherokee, Cree, Sioux, and Tlingit in order to illustrate core values, which are pivotal to them all. In the old days, he writes, telling stories that "remember when people forget" was as important as shelter building, hunting, and ceremonies because "they showed the right way to behave." Chapters devoted to the earth's origins, the "circularity of existence" (all created things are of equal importance), art, the spirit world, and life-sustaining plants and animals all come together to elucidate the Native American belief that "we are one with everything around us." Bruchac feels it is time for whites to stop feeling guilty about the plight of the American Indian, and to begin to take positive action--to "refill our cups with life." "Pour out your cup," he urges, "fill it with stories." This thought-provoking work, enriched with valuable annotated reading lists, should inspire and help each reader to take that first step. (Reprinted with permission of Booklist, copyright 2003, American Library Association.)

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