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A Hipster's Guide to Losing Weight While Staying Cool

مشارکت: عنوان و توضیح کوتاه هر کتاب را ترجمه کنید این ترجمه بعد از تایید با نام شما در سایت نمایش داده خواهد شد.
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John P. Schuster


John P. Schuster


Martin Cizmar


HMH Books


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Publisher's Weekly

October 17, 2011
Author Cizmar was 29 and “happily fat” when he realized he didn’t want to be overweight for an upcoming trip to New Zealand to meet his girlfriend’s parents. Nor did he want to suffer the possible consequences of obesity, including high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol, arthritis, sleep apnea, or premature death. Not a joiner, Cizmar rejected the $60 billion weight-loss industry (Weight Watchers, etc.), which he deems ineffective and high-priced. Instead, the author, who lost l00 pounds in eight months, presents a simple solution: counting calories. Wisecracking along the way, Cizmar walks readers through his plan, focusing on the premise that when it comes to losing weight, calories are what matters (not what you eat) though the ideal is combining low calorie foods with higher calorie but flavorful and nutritious choices. Cizmar, who loves his microwave, diet drinks, and the convenience of frozen dinners, includes mini reviews of the most “awesome” and most “awful” frozen entrees, with the intent to spare readers from wasting money on miserable meals. In addition to exercising (i.e., biking or hiking), he suggests a few unconventional ways to cut calories, including chewing gum, fidgeting, and standing in line at a concert. Science-based and infused with “snarky jokes,” Cizmar’s plan will particularly appeal to “hipsters” seeking a nongimmicky, foolproof way to slim down while enjoying some laughs.

Library Journal

January 1, 2012

Albeit entertaining, this new, hip guide to a smaller waistline doesn't offer any new advice on how to lose weight. Cizmar (arts & culture editor, Willamette Week) presents a standard calorie-counting strategy for dropping unwanted pounds and discusses options for moderate exercise. He lost 100 pounds in eight months by following the plan he details in the book. He was most interested in a self-guided weight-loss regimen that did not involve visiting a gym or enrolling in a diet program, which he felt would require too much change in his lifestyle. A significant portion of the book is dedicated to frozen food, fast-food restaurants, and ethnic food information and recommendations. Cizmar provides general advice based on his personal experiences, but he is not overly prescriptive. Rather than specific meal or exercise plans, he simply offers suggestions. VERDICT Cizmar incorporates humor into his weight-loss story, which is aimed toward a younger demographic, the titular hipsters, but the advice dispensed is neither new nor guaranteed to work for others.--Erin Silva Fisher, Univ. of Nevada Lib., Reno

Copyright 2012 Library Journal, LLC Used with permission.

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